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Eduardo Roxius' process makes it easy for teams to plan strategy and innovate with confidence and high commitment.

Strategy meetings in groups are a headache

71% of meetings feel unproductive.

The loudest voices hijack the discussions and most meetings could have been an email.

* as shown in research from and Harvard Business Review

And hardly result in a successful project

Over 85% of new consumer products launches fail in market.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more productivity leading to more successful projects?

* as revealed at

How to solve this?

Mediated, efficient planning sessions

Everyone participating in a democratic and structured way, without meeting hijackers, time-boxed discussions and shared understanding.

Confidence-driven sessions

"Someone needs to decide." When the whole group makes the decision, with confidence, every single person is committed.

Master launches with collaboration

Collaboration is the most important success factor* for product planning and launching.

Yes, but how to achieve it?

Meet Eduardo Roxius

“I help groups create options and align on strategy in a simple and efficient way.

I’m a Strategy and Innovation Facilitator based in Munich, Germany, with 10 years of experience in planning and designing products and services.

I help companies and individuals when they need to:

  • define strategies and align within a group
  • draft a business plan
  • plan & launch an innovation lab in their companies”

Plan Strategy Today

Eduardo Roxius will help your company with his strategic planning services that will save you time while increasing commitment and productivity among your team.

Some of his tools

These frameworks will help you on the journey
Strategy Planning Tool: Lean Change Management Canvas

Lean Change Management

Promote organizational changes inside your company.

Strategy Planning Tool: Design Thinking

Design thinking

Develop innovative products and services based on the needs of your customers.

Strategy Planning Tool: Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping

Define a strategy, identify points of leverage and barriers to unlock impact

Strategy Planning Tool: Business Model Canvas and Pitch

Business Model Canvas & Pitch

Develop a business plan and an impactful pitch to present and support your proposals.

Other tools include: Golden Circle, HEART Framework, Personas, Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean Startup Canvas, Lean UX Canvas, Challenge-Based Learning, Service Blueprint, Value Proposition Canvas, AARRR Pirate Metrics, UX Strategy Blueprint and Impact Mapping.

Eduardo will help you...

Leverage commitment within your team

Commitment comes from participation and having your voice heard. I will make sure everyone participates and not only the loudest voices.

Make confident Decisions

One of the biggest barriers in companies today is choosing the option among many. My process focus on making you and your team align efficiently on the next step to be taken.

Generate effective Discussions

In this journey, you are the driver. I will be on the co-pilot’s seat during the process to help you steering the team and get discussions running to reach your goals.

Speed up results

Working smarter means focusing on what matters: asking the right questions and moving forces to get the right answers. My process focus on finding the right path for your and your team to take.

Are you the right client?

The right person

Innovation Leaders and Managers in search for transformation of their business are the people who can benefit the most from the process. To transform your team, department or company, your team will invest many hours in the process each week – make sure you have their support.

The right sector

Companies of any industry. Eduardo has worked with companies in all sectors (B2C and B2B). Consumer products, toll collection, wealth management, connectivity service providers, government and many more – companies in any market need strategy and innovation.

The tangible outcomes

  • Plan or structure your startup or company
  • Establish an innovation lab
  • Define and execute a process to test X ideas per month at your company
  • Build a priority list for strategic planning
  • Prepare a pitch for investors
  • Define a process for monitoring and assess project execution
  • Clarify your value proposition

The process

All sessions are online and you can work with your team synchronously or asynchronously.



In a first call, you and someone of your trust will experience a bit of the process.

Eduardo will ask you questions, you will write the answers down and the group will measure how confident you are on moving on with the project.



Once the projects starts, we gather your team to start answering and discussing the key questions we need to address. Everyone will participate and discuss.



After discussing all points, the group will vote on options to move forward and we will measure the level of confidence to decide whether we can move on.

This process is iterative and the cycle of Generate and Decide will repeat many times.

What they say about Eduardo Roxius

“Eduardo's way of working and thinking helped us to find new directions. He asked the right questions to identify what is important to our company and paid attention to every detail.”
Project Manager
“Eduardo's method is so simple and easy to follow. His instructions were clear and he was patient during all sessions. He helped me turn my project around in less than a week.”
Bruno Assis
Senior BI Consultant
"Working with Roxius is a guarantee of commitment and quality deliveries. The security in the application of the methodologies is a remarkable characteristic in Roxius that keeps everyone involved in the project engaged and the client satisfied with the final result."​
Virginia Heimann
Executive Manager
"His deep knowledge and diverse references were essential for understanding the concepts and transforming our point of view. A great professional to have by your side!"
Vitor Vassimon
Product Manager

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