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An award-winning financial planning tool, designed to be used collaboratively by customer and financial planner.

About the client

Swiss Life’s mission is to enable people to lead a self-determined life. For over 160 years they have been supporting private and corporate clients in securing their financial futures.

⬤ 01. Challenge

Enhancing trust and collaboration in financial planning with the help of technology

Swiss Life approached Daylight Design to build a digital solution for the financial process of their clients. I was working at Daylight at the time and played and important role in designing a demo to convince the client to work with us, as well as in research synthesis, ideation, prototyping and developer handoff.
The company’s customer base was becoming younger and tech-savvy, while there is a growing demand for skilled financial planners (consultants) that know how to communicate well and build trust with the clients, therefore such solution should be user-friendly, accessible and intuitive for adults of all ages and digital backgrounds, as well as provide financial planners with the necessary tools to succeed in their daily work.
The role of a financial planning consultant envolves a lot of trust and paperwork
⬤ 02. Research

Designing for multiple stakeholders: from executives to consultants and customers

To start, this project involved a Human-Centered Design approach to identify and align the needs and requirements of customers, financial planners, and Swiss Life. This involved listening in on consulting sessions and conducting customer interviews.
During research, customers expressed a desire for more engagement and collaboration in the financial planning process of their lives. At the same time, we saw the important role communication tools such as presentations and charts play during the consultation.

We also identified a need for clarity and structure in the process as well as a consumer-friendly communication when explaining financial concepts to customers.

Swiss Life's consultants main way of communicating involved paper sketches and standard corporate slides
The new platform had elements of their past analogical tool: the pyramid chart consultants use, form fields, and a pen for the tablet.
⬤ 03. The outcomes

A tablet tool that leverages communication, collaboration and saves the consultant 2 hours of work in each session.

The solution
A tablet tool that captures and visualizes data in real-time during consultations. The tool allows customers to capture their goals and dreams with drag and drop features, and financial planners can annotate forms and graphs with a sketch function. It also provides clear guidance for various consultation topics.
The impact
The tool has been used in thousands of consulting sessions in Switzerland, resulting in a two-digit increase in conversion rate and saving planners about two hours of back-office work per customer. Moving forward, the tool will promote better financial planning behavior, leading to fewer economic hardships.


iF Design Award 2023
UI Design


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